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V Ray v5

A complete visual solution for SketchUp artists and designers. SketchUp V-Rai is a 3D presentation software that combines real-time presentation with every image object in SketchUp. From start to finish, V-Rai has all the tools you need to master your SketchUp projects from start to finish.

View your projects in real time.

Viewing your Sketchup designs in real time has never been so easy. Now with V-Ray Vision you can visualize your projects in real time, working in SketchUp. Move the pattern, set the material, install the brightness and camera, and these are all real-time demonstrations of your event.

The picture of this is as real as possible.

Thanks to the rear lights, cameras and real-life materials, the V-Rai image is as realistic as possible. For each project you can see what it will look like. You can get around the right thing before it is built.

Start with the next project.

V-Rai comes with hundreds of images that you can use for any occasion, with access to an extensive video tutorial library, free technical support and important discussions. V-Rai has one of the largest visual communities, and the world of community-generated content is readily available.

V-Rai is SketchUp’s best enhancement.

V-Rai and SketchUp are excellent teams. SketchUp is the most popular 3D design software in the world for architecture and design. And V-Rai is the № 1 world architectural visualization program. Both of them together are a great combination to take your design to the next level.

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows, Windows 10.

CPU: Intel Pentium IV or auxiliary compatible processor.

RAM: 4 GB RAM and 4 GB for the recommended minimum converter 8 GB or more RAM, 8 GB or more files for replacement

Sketchup: SketchUp 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 2022

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