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A free alternative to Microsoft Office VPS Office Free is a productivity application developed by Kingsoft Office. As the name suggests, this is a free alternative to meet your daily office needs. Includes word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Office Free is compatible with Microsoft Office and can serve as a cost -effective alternative. It even manages to mimic almost all the basic layouts and features of popular office suites. In addition, it works well with other well -known packages from the same category, such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice. At best, it uses less space and resources than the others (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); All the tools you need VPS Office Free has many features offered by the office. It can create a new document or edit an existing document. In addition to special tools, such as adjusting font styles and sizes, adding slides and creating formulas, it also has some advanced features in its package. These include the ability to track changes, print using Google Cloud Print, and encrypt files. You can also install additional fonts to add your favorite apps and even enhance the spreadsheet program by adding built -in formulas and supported charts. Meanwhile, the presentation package has a presenter mode that plays your slideshow with a laser pointer. You can use this indicator by drawing on the screen. Finally, the free version of the Microsoft Word VPS Office Writer app has a read -only display. Here you can see pages like a book. Additionally, it comes with a PDF viewer, even if you can’t edit files with competitors, it also offers free cloud storage. However, you can only store small files because they cannot exceed 1 GB. Also, although there are many features, VPS Office Free still misses some important things. Unlike Microsoft Office, there are no built -in templates in the package. Users must manually download it from the Kingsoft website and upload it to the app in order to use it. Also, the presentation lacks good tools like animations and smooth controls. Office Free VPS offers an interface reminiscent of the new version of Microsoft Office. If you have ever used it, then the use of this application will be very easy. Use the same tape with a clear display of all commonly used tools and options. With this, you don’t have to search for the settings menu or the tools you need. As mentioned, this app has light system requirements, so Swift should keep in mind that the Free Office VPS doesn’t work like other free office suites. It does not allow users to use all of its features. On the other hand, a particular function is the approach of time. To get time to use it, users need to watch ads. This is a small sacrifice you have to make to enjoy the thought of this great software. Overall, the Free Office VPS is a valuable alternative to MS Office. The apartments come with a list of useful features. It is also versatile and integrates with other similar programs. Moreover, it comes with an interface with tape, which allows you to use it easily. However, it lacks somefeatures offered by MS Office. Some tools are also available only after viewing the ad. However, it is still a good choice.

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