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Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL

Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 2004 21H1 En-Us June 2021 Team-LiL

Manufacturer lil-fella (Team-LiL)

Activating digital licenses for Windows 10


Clean the automatic activation of the CMD activation script during installation.

if you notice that it is not activated

make sure you are online and not behind a VPN

go to the system control panel and click Activate Windows

and wait until it is activated. maybe even click to fix the problem

Details of automatic file monitoring

Choose your language

license terms automatically agreed

the key is entered automatically, so you do not need to enter

choose your location to set up windows and partitions

after installation the normal OOBE will be displayed

fill in the required information

Added for construction

Microsoft Windows Updates

Microsoft Framework –

Power Plan Ultimate Performance Preset


Cortana, telemetry


Context menu – activate notebook to open nfo files

Explorer – Disable ads and notifications

Explorer – Disable the list of recently opened apps

Explorer – Disable User Tracking

Explorer – Increase Icon Memory to 4 MB

File Explorer – Start in a separate process

Modern UI – Applications – Cortana is disabled

Modern UI – Applications – Disable Cortana Internet Search

Modern UI – Applications – Onedrive disables integration

Modern UI – Reduce the shutdown speed of modern UI applications

Modern UI – Reduce the closing distance of the screen

Start menu – Disable recently added applications

Start menu – disable suggested UI applications

System – Limit bandwidth limit

System – Activate a large system memory

System – Check the gain of disk timeout (5 seconds)

System – Improve shutter speed

System – Improve Windows Tracking Response

System – Reduce the delay when starting desktop startup programs

Taskbar – Increases Transparency

Taskbar – Remove Meet Now

Virtual memory / search file – 3000 MB – 4000 MB

Features removed / disabled

3D builder

3d print

3D viewer

Modern UI – Bing Finance

Modern onion – eat and drink

Modern UI – Health and Fitness

Modern UI – Bing News

Modern UI – Bing Sports

Modern UI – Bing Travel

Modern onion – Weather


Framework (Advertising -SDK)

Framework (people)

Framework (phone call history)

my people

OOBE (short)


Office Center

N Note

Paint in 3D




3d print

Retail Demo


sticky notes

Solitaire Collection

Windows Feedback

Windows Phone

your phone

Zune music

Video Zune

A disk

OneDrive files on demand

OneDrive online backup


Remote desktops

Remote desktop (ambulance)


Services disabled

Linked user experience and telemetry – banned

Authors: for the activation script

WindowsAddict Microsoft Activation Script

Short URL –

ISO IMAGE = GB esd compression used

MD5 = EB2D8FF776EA90FBCAE87A7444F3F635

SHA-1 = 807DE27359E871E34DF8CF3A2179299C883A47AB

Use Rufus to convert the iso image to a USB installation media

If you are creating a bootable usb, do not forget to choose the correct partition scheme for your system’s disk

MBR = less than 2 TB

GPT = about 2 TB

visit our Discord channel and give feedback

if you like usinstalled version of Windows and played games with it

channel to give feedback

win-10-lite feedback

we differ -URL has been read

are torrent files

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