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Project IGI

The popular first person shooter game for Windows Project IGI is one of the most popular first person shooter games for Windows computers. In this game, the main character is a secret agent. His job is to obtain critical information on the stolen nuclear bomb. This program was developed by Innerloop Studios. In 2000, it was published by Eidos Interactive. The game contains various missions, challenges and hidden weapons. Compared to Call of Duty, GTA V and PUBG, this is the best option for fans interested in action, the acquisition of the IGI project follows the story of Agent Jones. Their main objective was to arrest Josef Priboi to extract information about the stolen warhead. To achieve this, the action game guides you through various missions, locations, and jobs. This helps you get closer to Josef’s location. Once you complete the mission, the new one will get it; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Be part of the dangerous life of disguised agents At the IGI project, the goal is to prevent violence. You are tasked with getting the nuclear warhead, which was stolen by the enemy. The game begins in an inconspicuous location in the Soviet Union and requires you to extract critical information from years of contact. The man is in the Estonian military camp, and do you need to protect him from torture and talk? The interesting story begins with a few videos. They are usually available at the end or beginning of each mission. In most cases, they look stylish with special lighting effects, dramatic footage, and engaging dialogue displays. In the shooting game scene, more characters engage in conversations about war, nuclear power, missions, graphics, and the mission tone seems realistic. Although his main character is a high-profile secret agent, he is only a man. Therefore, you must be careful in your mission and you cannot assume anything. Windows games require you to hack into a computer, place a camera, walk in the shadows, and disable Project IGI’s download watchdog, you should always be vigilant. There are cases where you collide with security guards on the line of quick action. While wearing a bulletproof vest, just a few shots can cause a painful death. To improve health, you need to bring medical supplies from the clinic. There is usually only one in the area, and is this game always safe? It is worth mentioning that Project IGI is a single player game. It comes with 14 difficult missions, which are complex and large. However, each mission is divided into several smaller objectives. Unfortunately, you can’t keep the game in the middle; Even if you set the difficulty level to the lowest level, some missions are quite difficult to complete. Therefore, action games often require a restart from the beginning, which can be annoying. Automatic savings can be a nice addition. Since his main objective is to infiltrate a military base, he often runs into hordes of security guards. Some of them are even waiting for your arrival and trying to fire a sniper rifle; In this Windows game, death and bloody fights await at every corner. On the mechanism of artificial intelligence forgame, it is still faulty and needs to be repaired. Sometimes enemies don’t react when you kill their friend. Similarly, a guardian can appear out of nowhere and kill your character without many weapons. Do you have a choice? In this shooting game you have access to a variety of weapons. Some of them are prepared for special missions, while others can be collected from dead guardians. The most commonly used weapons include combat knives (for silent assassinations), anti-tank weapons, and rifles. Other popular choices include Desert Eagle, Sniper Rifle, Glock 17, Spas 12, MP5, Pancor Auto Rifle, M16, Uzi, Minimi, and more. Action games also provide access to a variety of hands, most of the game elements require observation and secret strategy, you get a number of tools that complement your weapon. For example, there is a digital compass that helps you move in the right direction. With binoculars, you can see everything that happens over a long period of time. There is even a PDA, which lists various mission objectives. Each is assigned a number that links to the live satellite video, although there is a slight delay, Project IGI comes with excellent graphics. Throughout the Windows game, the textures are very detailed and colorful. They are equipped with ambient lighting that indicates different times and weather conditions. The skin and weapon models are also interesting. It is worth mentioning that the weapon interacts with various elements of the environment. For example, they can leave bullet holes in cars and walls, break glass and leave marks in shooting games that include background tracks and interesting audio elements, which perfectly complement the graphics. The voice is well done and keeps you in a tense state. Unfortunately, his voice sounded grim and the Estonian and Russian security guards were shouting in English, but not in their native languages. Aside from some weak dialogue, the sound effects are designed to immerse you in the story. Overall, Project IGI is the right choice for people interested in interactive, fast-paced shooting games and shooting games. The acquisition of the IGI project delighted the fans. Compared to other first person shooter games, this game has a different play style. However, the AI ​​game needs to be improved. Sometimes the response to a player’s movements is unsatisfactory. Still, a wide selection of weapons, great graphics, and an interesting story make this game a good choice for fans of the stealth genre.

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