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Before Sunrise 1995

To the title of the film: Before Sunrise

Directed by Richard Linklater

Starring: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpi

This is a DVDRip movie in MKV format (Matroska container). You will need VLC Player to watch movies.

For even better results and to turn on playback in Windows Media Player, the following software is recommended:

Haali media separator
CoreAAC Directsh filters
VobSub and VSFilter (for subtitles)

Proposed codec package: CCCP – Combined Community Codec Package


Optional subtitles:
English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Greek, Swedish, Turkish, Romanian, Finnish, Hungarian


Format: Sailor
File size: GB
Duration: 1 hour 36 min
Total data transfer rate: 1631 Kbps
Mkv section variant: Yes (25 chapters)

ID: 1
Format: AVC
Format / Information: Advanced video codec
Profile formatting: Format Settings, CABAC: Yes
Format settings, ReFrames: 6 frames
Multiplexing mode: Container codec ID: V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Duration: 1 hour 36 min
Nominal data transfer rate: 1500 Kbps
Width: 720 pixels
Height: 400 pixels
Width to height ratio: 16/9
Number of frames per second: frame. / VITH
Resolution: 24 bits
Colorimetry: 4: 2: 0
Scan type: Progressive
Bits / (pixel * frame): Recording library: k264 core 67 r1162M f7bfcfa

ID: 2
Format: AAC
Format / Information: Advanced audio codec
Version format: Version 4
Profile format: LC
Format settings, SBR: No.
Codec ID: A_AAC
Duration: 1 hour 36 min
Channels: 2 channels
Channel position: L R
Sampling frequency: kHz
Resolution: 16 bits

Screenshot: Instructions for using the subtitle stream

————————————————— –
See subtitles with VLC player:
————————————————— –

Video – Subtitle – Select

Take a screenshot for the VLC player: ——————————————- – —- – ——————
View subtitles with Haali Media Splitter

Right-click the Haali-Select Subtitle drawer icon

** NOTES **
You need to install VobSub and VSFilter

Take a screenshot for Haali Media Splitter: Encrypted by VLiS

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