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Free Remote Control Software UltraViewer is free software that allows remote support between two computers. UltraViewer for Windows is especially useful in development and IT scenarios, as it allows the customer to follow procedures securely while resolving IT issues, while maintaining the option to turn off control is a product of DucFabulous Research Development Science Co., Ltd., and is convenient. and a secure way to connect two computers, free of (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Instant IT support from anywhere Although remote control of a computer is useful in many ways, the most important attraction for downloading UltraViewer for IT. Before remote tools like UltraViewer, when a computer is experiencing software or malware problems, it should be brought to technical support manually. The process was slow, frustrating and often costly. Fortunately, these days are over: UltraViewer Instant Remote Assistance is a faster and more convenient approach to technical support, which eliminates the need to travel completely and reduces the amount of time you spend with less capable equipment. The end user sends an automatically generated ID and password to whoever wants to grant remote access. Once the problem is resolved, the end user can disable the remote control simply by closing the perspective of the technicians of the software companies; Once your customer sends you the ID and password that appear, UltraViewer will allow you to support your customers quickly and easily. of repeated queries and orders. You no longer need to share the screen and explain where to click or stay idle and request the status of progress bars or download times. You have direct control over the appropriate computer, streamline the process, and help your client chat and transfer files Once you have control over your partner, you can press the default selection key (F1) to chat with the client. Opens a convenient chat window that lets you share links, answer quick questions, or even send and receive files to speed up your troubleshooting process. This direct communication during your work provides your client with a comforting insight into whether you are dragging anything that may be malicious or contain unwanted software or unmarked help that is safe and free. Controlling your computer is annoying, even without external programs like UltraViewer acting as an intermediary. If you are already skeptical about a technician’s permission for your files, you should watch them to add risk aversion to the possibility of adding new software to a computer that is already in a situation. As such, security was an important part of UltraViewers’ design and marketing, and more importantly, others could only control your computer if you shared your UltraViewer ID and password. A new random identifier and password are also generated each time you use the program to improve the login / generated information, something that someone who once controlled the computer could not do with the old code again. The basic function of UltraViewer is, of course, for remote access while you can view theprocesses on the screen. Because the host can see everything the driver does, UltraViewer intrinsically guarantees that it will provide you with personal information such as your name, email address, phone number and the language you will be asked for when registering a new UltraViewer account. Therefore, the service will use cookies to store this information in your browser. On its website, UltraViewer ensures that even this personal information (albeit minimal) is never shared, sold or otherwise marketed; otherwise, the password you use when you sign in to UltraViewer is also securely encrypted. The service provides a one-way encryption layer so that you cannot decrypt the password from the end. Also, it depends on the strength of your password. As always, an excellent duration combined with different characters and numbers is the strongest against TeamViewer. UltraViewer is a great product for remote support, but not the only one on the market. Options like AnyDesk, UltraVNC and Ammy Admin are almost interchangeable products. Ultraviewers ’most popular competitor in this market is TeamViewer. TeamViewer offers the same functionality as UltraViewer and is an equally elegant remote support medium. However, the most important warning with TeamViewer is what it says on your website: TeamViewer is not a free service, even if you use it for personal use only. Since you use it for longer periods of time (which is common, as a computer affected by these problems usually has recurring problems), your use will be experienced and therefore suspicious for commercial use. ); repeat users will be affected by a purchase error each time they connect to TeamViewer and will eventually be forced to purchase a license. TeamViewer is primarily commercial software, and while it may be better than UltraViewer in some features, TeamViewer has a commercial price. That means it’s expensive. Since UltraViewer does the same for free, TeamViewer is not worth the investment, if only it is a simple and elegant solution for Windows. Just download it and run the quick installation and installation wizard as you would with any other software. To uninstall UltraViewer, go to Start – Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs and choose to uninstall UltraViewer. If you are still reluctant to download UltraViewer for security reasons, a full download is still recommended, but users can choose to download the UltraViewer portable zip file to run the program without first downloading it. In this case, the file remains the same size but has no functions. These features are listed in a series of frequently asked documents, tutorials, and other frequently asked questions, which are also provided in an easy and simple way to control your computer. Windows Server, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows; Regardless of the product, unfortunately no version is currently compatible with MacOS or Linux. While UltraViewer performs its Windows function very well, this product is a problem for IT users; if your client uses a different operating system, UltraViewer will be useless.

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