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One Night in Miami 2020

A fictional image of an incredible night when icons Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cook and Jim Brown came together to discuss their role in the Civil Rights Movement and the cultural turmoil of the 1960s.
Regina King writers:
Camp Powers (screenplay), Camp Powers (according to the scene “One Night In”) Stars:
Kingsley Ben-Adir, Eli Gori, Aldis Hodge The plot set on the night of February 25, 1964, “One Night in Miami” follows the young, cheeky Cassius Clai on his way out of the Miami Beach Convention Center, the new world heavyweight boxing champion. category. However, he defeated Sonny Liston and shocked the world of sports. As crowds swarm in Miami Beach to celebrate the game, Clay – unable to stay on the island due to Jim Crow-era segregation laws – spends the evening at the Hampton House Motel in Miami’s African-American neighborhood, celebrating three closest friends: Malcolm X. Sam Cook and Jim Brown. During this historic evening, these icons, each representing the Power Movement before Black and feeling the social pressure of a celebrity, share their thoughts on their responsibilities such as influencing, uplifting, defending their rights and running the country. all blacks. The next morning, …

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