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Road Rash

Fast Bike BattlesRoad Rash is a racing game from Electronic Arts, which presents street racing with motorcycles with fights against other drivers and police. During the 1990s, six different gates were launched on gaming platforms. This version was a port for a PC, which at the time had realistic graphics. It has a simple racing mechanic, where the motorcycle stops on a horizontal axis when it turns, moves left or right. Physics affects how a motorcycle moves in sharp turns, ramps, hills and rough terrain, so that players can use the terrain to run on their own over long distances or have an accident. Every rider, including players, has resilience to endurance and endurance fatigue leads to destruction. Players may endanger the opposing driver, but they must be careful not to hit obstacles or attacks. They can steal weapons by hitting or kicking opponents, some of which are cows, chains, sticks, crowbars, nunchakus and pipes. The police will also try to catch riders who are left. Everyone caught by the police will be defeated and the race after them will be over. By completing a race, players can purchase upgrades or new motorcycles.

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