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Sound of Metal 2019

The life of a heavy metal drummer gets thrown away as he begins to lose focus.
Authors of Darius Marder:
Darius Marder (screenshot i), Abraham Marder (screenshot i) | In addition to his inner demons of artistic devotion, drummer Ruben has lived in the present for four years. Then, while touring with her lead singer / partner, Lou, Ruben realizes that her auditory experience is deteriorating rapidly. As this sudden hearing loss turns his world upside down and weakens the fear that accompanies an angry refusal to take the helm, Ruben reluctantly agrees to join a small deaf community led by Joe, a compassionate veteran. Now Ruben has to find a stable field, understand that being deaf is not a handicap and that deafness is not something that needs to be addressed. But is Ruben ready to accept his new life and learn to be deaf?

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