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Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 v2103 lite (ivankehayov)

Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 v2103 lite (ivankehayov)

(size: 887 MB)

(SHA1: 7F8BF001266DCFE72FCC29AD4B722810E4ADAFE2)

(Based on)

This is my little version of Windows 10 LTSC x64 – ivankehayov.

All updates to March 2021 are embedded in the images, including .NetFx

Note that this lightweight Windows can be installed from a USB device as a new installation (you can not update your current operating system).

Future monthly cumulative updates cannot be installed, but defenders get updates!

Some of the features of this release:

– the smallest possible installation media size with minimal removed features and the most compatible software;

– nothing is integrated;

– no registry settings are applied;

– other functions can be activated or deactivated;

– Language packs can be downloaded and installed;

– You can use MS account;

– Calculator attached to the taskbar for more convenience;

– because there is no browser – click on the cmd file on the desktop to download the latest MS Edge browser.

Features removed:

Adobe Flash for IE, Backup, BitLocker, Cortana, Disk quota, Easy access to most options, Face / fingerprint recognition, Fax, File history, Fonts (Asian and rarely used), Hyper-V, IE-DeveloperTools, IIS, Internet Explorer, Handwriting Recognition, Memory Diagnostics, MSMQ, MultiPoint Connector, NFC Tools, Offline Maps, OCR, Parental Controls, Personal Character Editor, Reset, Remote Assistance, Remote Desktop Function, Spatial Voice, Voice / Voice Options, Recording Space, Windows , Windows Subsystem for Linux, Windows To Go, Work Folders, XPS viewer / creator, most drivers (PREPARE WITH A NETWORK DRIVER at least after installation!).

Functions on the left (as shown in StartMenu):

Calculator, character overview, notepad, paint, cutting tools, Windows Media Player, WordPad, component services, computer management, defragmentation and optimization of device, disk cleaning, event display, ODBC data sources, print administration, registry editor, services, system installation Scheduler Firewall, Task Information with Advanced Security, Windows PowerShell, Windows Security, Command Prompt, Control Panel, File Explorer, Run, Task Manager, Windows Administrative Tools.

Other features on the left:

.NET Framework, Airplane Mode, All Keyboard Layouts, Basic Driver, Bluetooth, Remote / Project Monitor Connection, Internet Data Usage, File Sharing Support, Older Components (DirectPlay), Local Group Policy Editor (), Locations, Multimedia Features, Media Sharing Options, Mobile Hotspot, Multitasking, PDF printing, quick action menu, remote differential compression, synchronization options, system recovery options, UAC.

For ACTIVATION, use which KMS activator you can find on the Internet.

A file is created to automate the process Installation – Language: en-US, EULA accepted; Username: IK (administrator), PC name: IK-PC, time: UTC + 2h.

If you like and like my Windows, make another donation

PS: I hate bloatware on Windows 10 which ruins the experience and slows down PC usage.

I made Windows easy since XP. Tried all my editions on the virtual machine and the built-in computer.

If you finda software that is not compatible with my version, please notify me via PM or comments. I will try to fix compatibility in my version next month.

You can also reach me on the MDL forum –

Enjoy using my Windows Lite!


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