Finance and Tax Professionals

Regular Payroll Processing Services

Our payroll specialists can process your weekly or monthly payroll in the quickest possible time and in most possible, accurate way. By outsourcing payroll services you will be able to minimize potential entry errors caused by internal staff, be upto date with the latest Inland Revenue issued legislations, have HMRC compliant payroll software that meets government requirements and save substantial cost.

We deploy highly technical import, export macros, templates as well as special tools to process client payroll data. The process is mainly automated meaning less human intervention and error free result. The process is done top to bottom, starting from creating paytypes to printing period end reports. We will give you all the required reports for you to submit net pays to your employee and PAYE and NICs to Inland Revenue bank accounts.

The services covered under payroll processing de ion:

- Setting Up Paytypes

- Setting Up Cost Centres

- Setting Up Departmental Codes

- Setting Up Employee Analysis Codes

- Setting Up Employees In Payroll and P46

- P6/P9(T) Notification Updates

- Net To Gross Conversions

- Holiday Payment Calculation

- Statutory Sick, Maternity And Paternity Payments

- Processing Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Payroll

- P11 Summaries

- PAYE, NIC, Net Pay Summaries

- Other Statutory Pay Summaries

- Reinstating Employees

- Printing P45

- Carrying Out Period End Procedures

- Nominal Ledger Updates

- P43 And Various Other Forms

- Backups

- Real Time Information - RTI Submissions

- Other Payroll Related Tasks

Year End Payroll Compliance Services

Every year employers required to submit statutory payroll reports to HMRC. These are mandatory requirements set by the legislations. We can submit the statutory reports on your behalf to give you piece of mind and hassle free submission.

- Year End Payroll Reconciliations

- Printing Statutory Reports

- Issuing P35

- Printing P60s

- Completing All Required Procedures

- Closing Year End Payroll

- Data Submission To HMRC

- Updating NIC And PAYE Bands

- Updating Payroll Tax Codes, Week And Month One Flags

- Other Year End Procedures

Payroll Additional Payroll Compliance Services

If the company is providing any sort of benefit for company employees, the employer as well as the employees will be liable to pay additional National Insurance and Income Tax. Examples of benefit in kind includes, but not limited to, providing company credit card, private medical insurance, provision of accommodation, paying for private car insurance, payment for private or business travel expenses and many more. In simple terms whenever the employees claim business or private expenses from the company, these need to be notified to Inland Revenue. To simplify P11D submission procedure, we recommend applying for HMRC dispensation.

- Advice and Working Out Benefit In Kind Liability

- Preparing Benefit In Kind P9Ds Forms

- Preparing Benefit In Kind P11Ds Forms

- Preparing Employer And Employee NIC, PAYE Liabilities

- Other Compliance Letters and Procedures