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Accountancy and Tax Charges Explained in Simple Business Language

If you have ever hired a tax advisor or specialist accountant in the UK, you will know how difficult it can be to understand confusing charges.

At City Accounts we will explain the main types of charges you might incur and information on using the right service to save money. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you and how your company can benefit from our services.


  • We operate two different charging systems. The Rolling Support charging option provides continuous support to your accounts team or in-house staff on quarterly rolling basis. The set fee allows your company to send us unlimited emails or calls relating to your accounts issues. All the work provided by us included in the paid fee.

  • The second charging system is Infrequent Support allowing clients to pay per predefined service. There are no hidden fees or charges outside the set fee. The service is ideal for small companies requiring ad hoc or limited support and infrequent users such as TaxBack services.


We Believe in True and Fair Charging for Our Services &ndash Very Low Charges for Comprehensive Work. Compare Our Prices Before Paying Your Accountant!

We do not promise low prices, we work hard and deploy quality uncompromising efficiency methods and make it possible for our clients to pay very low service prices. Our unparalleled services and quotes easily beat our competitors.

To take advantage of our low prices or any other current offers, please click on one of the links above and find out how we can save you time, money and outstanding service.

Free Accounting System Assessment Including Advice on Choice of Software

Have you ever felt that something was wrong in your accounting system or the existing process was lacking clarity but had no idea how to check?

One of our specialists would be delighted to carry out your accounting system strength and weaknesses report. We would advise you on best practice solutions and recommendations.

The high profile advisors have good knowledge of Inland Revenue inspection tactics, giving you top quality advice that might prevent from getting into such situations in the first place.

Time to time we carry out external training for or clients. These trainings vary from simple invoice postings to more complex management account preparation and preparing statutory accounts for companies.

Such services are either free of charge or require notional fee to cover cost of course materials. We strongly recommend you and your accounts team members to attend these workshops to find out certain information that might be useful for your business operations. To eliminate disruption to business activities, the courses are held on weekends and in central London locations. If you are interested please click on one of the links on the right for further information.


These courses more practical or hands-on in nature, although do not require prior knowledge of accountancy. If you want to have competitive advantage over your industry competitors these courses could be for you and your staff.


Reduce High Accountancy and Tax Charges Not High Quality of Service

The benefits received from savings in Tax can have huge positive impact on your business.